Basic Course of Professional Make-up

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We declare registration for the basic course.

You can choose the offer suitable for you:

• Basic course – 2000 GEL
• Basic course + course of coloring and eyebrows correction – 2200 GEL
• Basic course + hairstyle course – 2600 GEL
• Basic course + course of coloring and eyebrows correction + hairstyles course – 2800 GEL
A makeup tutorial for men has been added to the basic course program!
The course price includes a set of working brushes and a case from the KET Professional brand (Korea).
If you use studio brushes in the learning process, you can save 200 GEL.
Monday, Tuesday, Friday
Morning group: 11:00 – 14:00
Day group: 15:00 – 18:00
Evening group: 19:00 – 22:00
In case of payment of the 50%  of the course cost until December 31 – the cost of the makeup course will be 1800 GEL.
The basic course program is identical in each of the proposed options.
General information:
The program of the basic course includes all the topics that are necessary to study modern trendy, commercial makeup.
16 intensive classes and an exam.
Lesson duration 2.5 hours (53 academic hours). An additional 30 minutes for a photo shoot at the end of the lesson.
Training lasts a month and a half.
During study and after graduation – internship in the studio and on various projects. In the learning process, the school provides students with:
  • French professional cosmetics Make up Atelier Paris
  • Professional brushes
  • Methodological aids (theory, schemes)
  • Models for practical exercises.
Our students enjoy a discount at the workshops held by the school, as well as a constant -20% discount on professional make-up Atelier Paris cosmetics and brushes.
🔺 How to register: for remote registration, please fill out the form by clicking on the link>>
       or come for an interview and fill out the form on the spot.
Use the 0% installment plan in the micro-financial organization Crystal.
Make up Atelier Georgia is the official representative of the French brand Make up Atelier Paris.

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